Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Happy Hump Day/Painted Desk

Today was dandy! How was your day? I wanted to stop in and show you what my school desk looks like black.
And tonight after work I picked some tomatoes in my garden. The green tomatoes stay green...can you see the stripes? They are called Zebra tomatoes and very very good. I have been taking them for luch every day. I like to sprinkle a packet of Splenda on them . Not very big but big on flavor. I found them at Lowes this Spring.
I managed to set some gourds on my dough bowl for Fall and thats it. I just can't give up Summer yet. This week has been beautiful.
i can't wait to read your comments. blogging is so much fun. ~~Hugs~~ ~~Earlene~~

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