Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Estate Sale Goodies

What a beautiful cool sunny morning here today. I can't believe I slept 11 hours but did have lots of energy this morning. My sister called and said she would pick me up at 1:30 to go to some garage sales and I didn't even realize it but an estate sale was going on right down the street. The women who lived here was the sweetest lady, she passed away 2 years ago (?) at the age of 107. We went to her 100th birthday party. We went to her estate sale first and this is what bought.
Prim black Table, 2 old cutting boards anf Old Gray Speckeled Granite Coffee Pot. Now I will show you the smalls that I carried in the coffee pot...all for 1.00 a piece.
This 5 Gallon Crock was very nice. One of those purchases that your not sure about cause you have to think about it, then you kick yourself cause it's gone by the time you decide. Well we drove away in the van and got down the road and I told my sister to turn around, I want to go buy it. I think 95.00 was a good price, but didn't really want to spend that much but couldn't pass it up. What do you think?
These 3 treasures my sister bought. Very old kerosene lamp, old bootjack and picture painted on ild wood...all very cool!
Another view of Sharons awsome lamp.
This old desk I found last weekend at OLD US 12 yard sales. I am painting it a black milk paint. It will be for sale if your interested. 25.00... very sturdy. I am joining in at a garage sale at my friends on Saturday September 8th and it will be there. Webberville Mi. 5:15 already! Time to start dinner. Hope your enjoying your Saturday! ~~Earlene~~ Oh and for a good laugh go check out Carmens blog PRIMCATS post today. Click on my sidebar of her blog and it will take you there. VERY Cute!

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