Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our New Tree

What do you think? I wanted to try a smaller tree this year so I would have more room in here. Room for more presents too:0) My decorating is done and I so enjoyed being able to take my time. I will show only 4 pictures at a time because i am still tweaking. How many times do you change things around.
I think it's really pretty. I used muted red and brown ornaments. ~~enjoy your evening~~ Earlene

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thank You and pics of my Saturday with my BFF

I appreciate you thoughtfulness and wishes for my birthday and so happy you stopped by! Now I would like to share what my BFF and I did ALL day on Saturday. If you have never been to these places let me tell ya it is worth the trip. Less than 100 miles for me but always tons of eye candy. First stop was The Homestead Shop in Findley Ohio and next to it is Jefrfries Antique Mall. I found a new artificial tree I would like and they are suppose to call me today to let me know if any still available.
My besty was very cold Saturday. This building was our would make an awsome cottage! It was all rough hewn boards inside and very cozy.
I hope you enjoyed my pictures! We have wonderful sunshine today so I am off to go do some Christmas shopping...hopefully I can get it all done today. ~~Merry Christmas~~ Earlene

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Sunday/Birthday Surprise

Today we all got together for Thanksgiving dinner at 2:00. Times like this I wish my kitchen and family room was double the size but we still had good food and good times.
We all love feasting together...good old comfort
food Should have bought more veggies! I wish you all a wonderful week ahead. I will be home all week on vacation...HOORAY! I plan on putting up my Christmas decorations tomorrow and enjoying the day. Tomorrow is my 60 and still in shock about it. Just can't be possible.
When I got home last night my husband surprised me with this prim beauty for my bithday. He is so sweet to me!
PJ Time and relaxing! Have a good night. ~Earlene~

Friday, November 23, 2012

pics/change in weather today

Thanksgiving Day was beautiful outside at 62 degrees and this is what happened an hour ago!
" Let it snow and blow"
Sweet turkey Kendra made me...see the snow in background? The other pics are some of the goodies I picked up last weekend and put out instead of waiting to put with the rest of my decorations.
Grapevine tree and Santa
Here is a lighter pic.
set of chalkware santas
new candles sign
new grungy tree
Relaxing all day today. Yesterday we had Lions friends for dinner. Sunday this year will be family gathering so off to get groceries again. At least the rush will be over. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving ~Earlene~ PS.....wHAT HAPPENED TO MY FOLLOWER PICTURES? lOOKS LIKE ALL OTHER BLOGS ARE MISSING FOLLOWERS TOO. nOW WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN YOU WANT TO FOllOW A BLOG?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holly Hills Primitives

Please go to our friend Dawns blog ( Holly Hills Primitives) and let her know you are thinking about them. Their hearts are heavy tonight for their Boxer Rosie. Rosie has a fast spreading cancer and will be put down tomorrow. I wish there was something I could do. So sad. ~Earlene~

Friday, November 16, 2012


Happy Friday! This weekend is full of great open houses! Tonight is Holly Hills Primitives ladies night out. Tomorrow Angola Antique Mall and Sunday Ann Arbor Saline Antique Show. Good thing I started my Christmas shopping for the grandkids last night while I still have some money left! It always feels good to get that started. Enjoy your weekend! ~Earlene~