Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kids and grandkids arrived at 4:00 for Christmas.
We always have dinner before exchanging gifts and dinner was pretty good if I may say so myself. I did not stress over it this year and made it a lot simpler because I always make too much food.
Smoked Spiral Ham
Stuffed Cabbage
Mashed Potatoes
Green Beans
Deviled Eggs
Veggis w/Dip
That's it
Enough ham to send home with everyone.
Off to the living room to open gifts, but most of all, lots of laughter
and hugs and kisses.
This is the first time I did not take pictures ever! But Norm did get video thank goodness.
My kids gave me a firepit stand so I can be closer to the house which was perfect . I always wanted one. That way we can sit in my back yard and make it more cozy with just the two of us.
My husband gave me the coolest present ever. I hate the stark white side of my fridge showing.
 See that hole below the first one. That was so when he was little he could open the door. This side is the lighter side, I can switch to the other side which is darker and reddish.

I have always wanted him to do this and look!

I have to show you this next picture. A friend gifted us with it and when you see it tell me who it looks like.
I love it.

Isn't that cute!!!!!

One more thing.
We are having a second Christmas on New Years Day.
My younger daughter and grands could not make it yesterday.
She surprised the kids with a trip to Disneyworld in Florida and flew out at 1 yesterday. I talked to her last night and thinks the kids are still in shock. So we get to do it again which sounds like fun to me.
It was really hard to keep a secret, I was so afraid I would mess up and let it out. Plus making up a story why for the first time why we could not be together on Christmas Eve.

Life, Love, Laughter is precious.
Hugs and can't wait to catch up on your holiday.

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