Saturday, December 28, 2013

Out and about the day after Christmas

The weather was beautiful and I had cabin fever big time so I spent the day and went to one of my fav shops The Old Granary for her sale and the last day she is open until Spring.
 Grunge prim burlap tree
 spoon rack hanging on the wall and the prim footstool
 prim peg
 prim bench and a 1803 candle...thats it
 I have always wanted one of these and my daughters gifted it and can't wait to use it. Maybe tonight with it getting in the 40's today.
 Love this !! Thank you Francine!
She sent me this in her card for Christmas.
(Primitive Stars blog)
 My best friend Cindys gift, it is so pretty on !!!!

 Cindy also gave me this old prim stuffed cupie ( for my birthday)
and a new pair of pj's but can't show you cause I have them on:0)
 Just another picture if the morning sun coming in today.
Love the sweet light.
 More sun

 Can you read the sign?

Love this time of year but I look forward to Spring with the longer days.
~Enjoy your weekend~

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