Saturday, March 1, 2014

March is here! Happy Day Happy Saturday everyone!

I hope this week for you was a good one, it sure went by fast for me.  I am so happy to see the weekend. Sitting here with a great cup of coffee getting ready for the day. Having a day with my friends for lunch and shopping is always a treat for me. I don't have a lot of cleaning to do since my oldest daughter has been helping me out once a week. I just can't seem to keep up like I use to. Working full time gets the best of me sometimes and it helps her make a little extra grocery money.
I was up at 5 this morning! Why is that? All week you want to sleep and come the weekend you can't!!  ARGH!
 Lunch is egg salad on croissants, hummus and veggies,with apple cinnamon scones. nothing special but yummy.
 My little Spring welcome gift for them...smells so good!

Below is just some quick pictures I took this morning.
Bunnies slowly coming out here at my homestead.


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