Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Last Ash Tree cut down in our yard.....

It was the last one standing but it needed to go, it has been dead for 2 years and posed a danger of falling on a car in our driveway.
The weather was perfect so the tree trimming team had it all down by 5:00.
75 degrees yesterday and it stayed in the 60's all night.
This is how we spent our evening!
No need to hunt for firewood now .
Small fire, glass of wine....relaxing.

Storms moving in for this afternoon and then the temps will drop drop.
Snow on the weekend (hope not)

Enjoy your day!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Primitive Cupboard

Yesterday I got up early to go to a primitive and antiques garage sale that a friend e-mailed me about .  So glad she did!!
Couldn't pass up this adorable one door cupboard.

I like the back side too.

TGIF and have a wonderful weekend.
It is suppose to be warm and nice outside so I will be finishing my Fall cleanup in my flower beds.
Hopefully washing windows too.

Fall Blessings

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I am still enjoying my porch!!!

The weather not so nice the last 2 days but starting today we will have a sunny warmer days. That means meals sitting on our porch.
Norm will be able to sit out and recuperate from his surgery tomorrow.
I have more yard work that I can do. I am hoping the corn is harvested soon so I can start collecting cobs for Jo and I want to use some at the Spring show in March.
Love my lighted trees. I like to see the bright orange for Halloween. I will switch to white lights for the rest of the year. It so dark this time of year and a little bit of lights helps with the blahs.

My cats sit and watch at this door....they are buddies now. I was hoping they would become friends so Jerry is not so lonely.
Spunky is growing FAST! Very funny how they chase and play with each other.

Happy Hump Day

Monday, October 20, 2014

Cambridge City Indiana

On Friday Oct. 10th we headed south to Cambridge City Indiana Antique Fair . We took our time driving and enjoying all the Fall colors and didn't get to our destination until late afternoon.
We stayed at Lehman House B & B. Love staying at bed and breakfast. Checked into our room, went shopping and had dinner.
The fair started early Saturday morning ( I was out at 6 a.m LOL).
Saturdays weather was perfect!!!! Oh my what a selection!
 This sweet small mustard stand was my favorite find.
 The wood bucket was under it too so had to go with me.
 Great mustard wear and patina.
Loved this old Lantern

Sweet old birdhouse

 Zinc tub
 Lantern again.
I did find other smalls  ( spoons, wooden bowls, tin funnels) to add to my collection.
By noon we were ready to head home so took out time on all the back roads. Fall colors were ablaze!!!!

This Saturday spent the day with a friend and went to Blissfield Antique Mall and Maumee Antique Mall.
Had a blast!!!!! Of course dinner at Friendlys afterwards.
 Small old washboard
 Burlap runner
 2 new soap savers
Treen needle holder

Thanks for stopping by to visit me.
Hope you had a great weekend.

~Happy Monday~

Friday, October 17, 2014


Me at work a month ago.

Yes this is a real puppy. Our patients husband had him waiting in the car with him so we asked him to sneak it in. Oh my goodness was he ever cute!!!!!! 
Thanks Dr. George for sending me this picture of that day!
Gee it looks like a stuffed animal here.

One more thing..what is going on with Pinterest???
Everytime I go to it and start viewing a pop-up comes on and ask you to sign up on Facebook and won't let you continue to look at boards...why???? Did something change?

Have a wonderful weekend blog buddies.

I still have news to tell you, just not ready yet....sorry.
It's not bad so don't worry.



Sunday, October 12, 2014

Vintage Halloween cards to share

I have so many fond memories of Halloween.
What are your fondest memories?

I will be back at the end of the week to tell you what has been going on.