Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I am still enjoying my porch!!!

The weather not so nice the last 2 days but starting today we will have a sunny warmer days. That means meals sitting on our porch.
Norm will be able to sit out and recuperate from his surgery tomorrow.
I have more yard work that I can do. I am hoping the corn is harvested soon so I can start collecting cobs for Jo and I want to use some at the Spring show in March.
Love my lighted trees. I like to see the bright orange for Halloween. I will switch to white lights for the rest of the year. It so dark this time of year and a little bit of lights helps with the blahs.

My cats sit and watch at this door....they are buddies now. I was hoping they would become friends so Jerry is not so lonely.
Spunky is growing FAST! Very funny how they chase and play with each other.

Happy Hump Day

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