Friday, November 25, 2016

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We had a great time, lots of food and laughter.
I was anxious to get up this morning to start my Christmas decorating. Most of it is finished except for the tree and I will do that on Sunday.
Sweet Dreams


  1. Love the stockings on your stack of benches, What is the brown stuff? Janice

  2. It's been so long since I have been to visit your blog. For that I am most apologetic. I will be back to visit you more. Looking forward to seeing your home all decorated for Christmas. Life has not been kind to me this past few years,but I'm looking forward to brighter days ahead in 2017. Blessings ♡

    1. So glad to hear from you!!!!!! ddid you cut your hair? Looks like it in you picture. I hope you keep in touch. I don't blog much since I went back to FB.
      The beginning of this year was a blur to me. I lost my sister to lung cancer in April.

  3. How exciting! Hope to see more!

  4. Love your decorating, this is prim perfect. Hugs Francine.

  5. Hi again Earlene, I have been so busy with funerals and parties that I forgot to email you. Bob gave me the wonderful bananas the day of your visit. Wish I could have been at the store that day, but I had to work. I am going to give your gift a proper post on my blog once I can get my house back in order. With the bedroom redo...everything but my living room is a big mess. Glad you liked our river. We love it here, and it is so blue! Hope you have a great weekend. Janice