Tuesday, August 30, 2011

prim magazines

Okay I will admit that I have an addictions to this prim magazine. This is a great one and I have many others. Just so many great ideas and stories.
I have all of Judy Condons books too. I also like Country Sampler.
My next post will be pictures of some old bottles that I have in my collection.
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Holly Hills Fall Open House and Estate sale

I found this awsome firkin at an estate sale today we stopped at on the way home from Holly Hills. It is the original green and can't believe it wasn't snatched up sooner. I paid 40.00 for it which I thought was reasonable. I have seen these for much more. My sister got some cool things too but didn't get pictures...sorry. She found this really old trunk for 8.00!!! Wish I took a picture of that for you but we were tired when we got home so maybe after she cleans it up I will get a picture for you and post it.

These are becoming a favorite candle of mine. This is a scent I haven't tried before. These candles burn very clean and last a long time so I hope I like it.

What are your favorite candles to burn?

I found some great prim goodies today at Dawns Fall Open House. A great little wood bowl woth a yummy smelling black wax witch . I think she is cool sitting in the wood bowl. A sweet little pantry box with great patina..one can never have too many pantry boxes. And this sweet little jug. Cute isn't it?

Have a wonderful weekend...what's left of it anyways.

Thanks for stopping by.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Very Cute!

I wanted to make you laugh!! Isn't this the cutest! My granddaughter must have been bored so dress up time for Reese. Doesn't she looked thrilled? :) Hope I cheered you up tonight friends.

I recognize that sweater Amy!

Have a good night everyone!


Monday, August 22, 2011

Tweaking...opinions welcome

Just another Manick Monday but a good one.

This scale pan will soon be filled with wax pumpkins or mini gourds.

I moved this pie keeper into my pantry, off the cupboard below, and re-arranged the top of my cupboard with some cutting boards. Not sure if I like the pie keep anymore. does anyone want to trade pie-keep for a furkin or a LARGE wood bowl? But I was happy with the change below.
See the candle burning in my kitchen to the left? Smells yummy...Cornbread and Honey.

The cupboard below was a complete change because I thought when I tuck in Fall decorating I think it will work really well. What do you think?

Have a great week bloggers.



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blogger comments

Does anyone know why on some blogs you go to comment and you get a pop up that says you have to change your password and blah blah blah. HELP It has happened only on a few, so please don't think I am avoiding you. It is under google account, maybe i should try anonymous.

And has this ever happened to you. A terrible smell in your house and you clean and scrub everything, even your drains. still terrible smell. Well my husband just came up from the basement and our chest freezer quit working! gross! Smells the worst smell! I have like 3 candles burning and windows open and he is down now trying to pull stuff out. nothin important in it except tons of frozen stawberries he picked this summer for jelly. poor guy is so disappointed.
Well at least we know what it is now. You ask am I helping? Hell no!

Friday, August 19, 2011

4 Fall pictures to share

Happy Friday to all of you.

I want to show you a primitive rug that I hooked...eeks! it was almost 13 years ago that I got as a kit for Christmas from my husband. It was the last rug I hooked cause kind of got bored with it plus the mess drives me crazy. That is why I don't sew too. Too much mess. Anyway, I love the rug and have fun displaying it. Sometimes I hang it, sometimes I use it on a table with Fall decorations.

I bought the two coots a long time ago and aren't they cool! The wax corn got pulled out tonight

The corn stalks stay in my pantry year round and make a nice Fall display when I pull out the rest od my stuff.So slowly but surely I will start decorating for Fall.

Enjoy this weekend everyone.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A & W

I just wondered if anyone still goes to the A & W? I still love eating the Coney dogs. Tonight after work, since it was a beautiful night, we got the bike out and went riding around and stopped to eat at the A & W. Coneys are only 1.00 on Tuesdays.
Sorry no pictures for you.
Tomorrow Wednesday already!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your week.
Hugs to all of my blogging friends.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saturday Night Sunset

After the sunset a full moon was out...BEAUTIFUL...and the air smelled so good. Temps went from 82 to 63 quickly.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Changed sofa and chair positions. what do you think?

I like the color of my walls and think in person it looks better. My sofa looks like the same color of my walls and when I see these pictures it makes me want to paint a differant color. should I and suggestions appreciated.

Thanks and Happy Saturday!


Friday, August 12, 2011


Found my twig pumpkin. Don't you just love twig stuff?

Love these little wax corn cobs. I have alot of wax items. Always smells so good too.
Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Saturday, August 6, 2011


This morning was the walk to raise money for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at Michigan State University. We started at 9:30 and overcast and not too hot. My granddaughter Rachel was diagnosed late Spring this year and takes 4 shots a day. She has done a great job and is one of the sweetest little girls you could meet!

Daughters and son in law

Me and my 2 daughters

Me and my 4 grandkids and their friend Ericka

Silly Rachel

Have a great weekend and remember family is everything.

Love all you can and cherish every moment.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Great Old Boxes

We are suppose to have bad storms this afternoon but we still need the rain.

These boxes have held up well.

I have enjoyed looking at other blogger gardens this Summer.

~Have a great day today~