Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yesterdays Goods

This is me the rest of the day....LAZY!

I bought this sweet annie wreath and this adorable small black cupboard. I have a plan for this wall and will show you when it is finished.

Sweet little cloth pumpkin that I bought.

Good Sunday afternoon blog friends:) It is 72 degrees right now and I feel good that I got much accomplished. You know how you start one thing and it leads to another! Geez I am exhausted! I finished laundry, cleaned garden beds and carried everything to the burn pile. Then I haven't cleaned my bay window and it was terrible but got it done. Cleaned real well with bleach and then washed the windows inside and out. What a change...I can see! Rearranged the window decor too. I want to buy some orange lights and wrap them around my twig tree for Halloween and put that in the window.

Okay I said I would show you my goods from yesterday. I did buy the new Judy Condon book too. We did go out to lunch and hit the Antique Malls and got home at 5:00. Saw Dawn and got a one of those really cool HUGE sunflower heads for my porch. I wish I could grow those. Found some more gourds too and added to my dough bowl in my dining room.

Have a great week!!!!!
Next Saturday is OLD MOTHER HUBBARDS FALL SHOW and plan on going to it.



Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gathering on the Lawn today

My Saturday will be fun today. Heading of this morning to Old Granary in Quincy Mi. to this fun show. It is suppose to be a beautiful day and want to hit the antique malls too.

I purchased this sweet pumpkin guy from Pam Kurkowski at Basketsnprims. She is a very talented lady so check out her blog.

Have a wonderful and relxing weekend blogging friends!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Started Fall Deco on my porch.

This guy was just hanging out wondering what I was doing. He scared the you know what out of me! The biggest one I have ever seen! Anyway Friday is the first day of Fall. I want to get my pumpkins and my cornstalks out. I plan on putting some on my porch and for sure in my yard. It has been warm this week.
I had a hard time driving into work today cause the fog was so thick. I drive 31 miles one way to work so it was stressful. Driving home tonight was fine.

I love this piece cause I can change flowers with the season.

Have a great evening tonight.

Sorry I missed Misi Display Chain Again! Don't give up on me.

Watching the show "NEW GIRL" is hilarious!! She is so cute.

Sleep Tight!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

We had a chance for a quick get a way to meet my sister and brother and their spouses this weekend.

Path to Lake Huron

We had rented a cottage in Oscoda for a week but Norm and I couldn't go up until Friday night. Bummer cause it was fun and we only are together once a year.

It was on Lake Huron and had great weather with wonderful sunrises both mornings. I only have two pictures to show you of the cottage, nestled in the woods and very peaceful.

I hope everyone had a great weekend.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lost cat named Willow ABC News

Did you see this story on ABC World News about a cat that has been lost for 5 years. The owners thought it was probably eaten by a coyote and would never see it again. It ended up in New Jersey and when picked up it did have a micro chip. It is a beautiful cat! What a special story. Love stories like this!

So here of some pictures of my kitty who is so sweet and I will never be without a kitty. Really any pet has special places in are hearts and make us happy. I actually owned a ferrat for 5 years. She just showed up one night, I am sure someone left her, and she was so much fun! My grandkids had a good time with her "Tickles" was her name.

Ok stop rambling. Her are pictures of my kitty.

TGIF tomorrow!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Check out these porch pics!

In May of this year I posted pictures of my sisters house and mentioned they were adding a screened in porch on the back of their detached garage. Well here it is and it turned out very nice! It is huge. She has had barbecues on it several times and it holds a dozen people comfortably and has even slept out on the hot summer nights. I tried to capture it in several shots.

The section of chain link on the left will be removed, the rest stays cause of the dog.

Love having dinner out here!

This is the chest I mentioned that my sister purchased at an estate sale 2 weeks

ago for 8.00. It is really old and looks great on her porch.

Have a great Rest of the week. Hasn't that full moon been spectacular!!!

Hugs everybody!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Saturday Fun and a package in the mail

This Sampler came in the mail yesterday. I ordered it from Jenn at Taylors Farmhouse Attic. Thank you Jenn I love it and it looks perfect where I hung it.
I have another I ordered from her but the picture never turns out well .
Check out her selling blog, she has great items.

Prim Broom Doll

Cute little Halloween pillow isn't it?

I bought these covered books and doll at The Granary.

Bonnie and Maryann

If you ever get a chance to stop at this wonderful shop you won't be disappointed. 'Brettys' which was once a stone schoolhouse. We stopped here since it is on the way to The Old Granary in Quincy. tI ran into two friends I haven't seen in awhile which is always a treat. Picture above is their happy faces.
I also have some great pictures of my sisters porch that is finished and I
will show them later this week.

Blessing and prayers on this Sunday "9-11"


Friday, September 9, 2011


Tomorrow is The Old Granary Fall Open House and I can't wait to go!

You all know how I love Friday and the start of the weekend. Enjoy yours!



Monday, September 5, 2011

Feels like Fall Temps today with Fall Decor

I started decorating today since I have the time and I will post more pictures at another time. I want to get outside since it is so comfortable and not scorching hot! These are some of my fav's. I can't wait to see others decor for Fall! So much fun!

My kitty Emma found a spot to stay warm. It is only 55 degrees right now.

Hope your all enjoying your three day weekend.